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My name is David Wilson and I am the sole owner/operator of Kreepy Kritterz Pest Control. I started Kreepy Kritterz Pest Control in January of 2009. I am licensed and certified by the Government of Saskatchewan. After being involved in the Pest Control industry, I decided to venture out on my own. Operating my own business has allowed me to provide an outstanding quality of service, satisfaction, and peace of mind to your health and safety whether it is in your home or small business. While being locally owned and operated, the independence brings a very unique and personal quality of customer service, respect, trust and confidentiality. I have obtained licenses in the following pest programs through Siast: Structural Applicator, Landscaping and Fumigation. I plan to further my education and return to acquire even more of the pest control related programs and licenses.

My Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest quality of service to all of our clients, providing safe solutions and peace of mind the first time around. We will only use chemicals for treatments when no other option is available.


We specialize in providing positive customer service, efficient and effective solutions, along with prompt service. We specialize in all pests that are listed above plus many more, yet our pest specialty is in the treatment of Bedbugs. We have taken the time to research and take pride in the ability to provide successful one time treatments for bedbug infestations guaranteed!



We have been using Kreepy Kritterz Pest Control for over a year. Since we have started using them we have had excellent service throughout this time. David is well informed about his job. He always makes sure that we have the knowledge we need to have and is always willing to answer any questions we or our tenants may have. He takes the time to make sure we and our tenants have the knowledge we need and to explain further if needed. David is always courteous with us and our tenants shows respect to all he deals with. He shows patience when we have tenants that are more difficult to explain to or who do not understand as quickly. If we have difficulties he works to solve the issue. Kreepy Kritterz number one priority is that we as the client are completely satisfied.
-Marie Brown,
Site Manager
Dear Dave,
We just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your dedication and persistence to finding a solution and maintaining high standards while battling Saskatoon's bed bug situation.
Your aggressive approach and patience with tenants is an extreme asset to a property manager such as us, with various buildings across the city. Your ability to educate the tenants, the property manager and other individuals involved is highly professional and a quality that is hard to find.
In our most problematic building, we have approximately 70 suites with a high transiant population and in the last 6 months we have seen our tenant reports of bed bug issues go from 20% of the building to none. Your product, methdod and technique has proven to be extremely successful with this growing bed bug issue.
As a property manager we do not like to hear of having these "kritterz" in our buildings, and your ability to rectify this situation has been a large asset to us. After seeking out a sole vendor to provide these services to us and after using a few other pest control agencies, we are proud to say that we are dedicated Kreepy Kritterz customers. Your price and abilty to provide a timely service is invaluable in such an industry where we have to look out for the tenants. We look forward to further developing our pest control relationship with your company and seeing the end results of your hard work and dedication.
Thank you for your continued professionalism, dedication and persistence in fighting the bed bug issue with us.
614225 Saskatchewan Ltd.
I am the maintance manager for 6 apartment buildings and when ever I have a call about pests from tenants I call Kreepy Kritterz. Kreepy Kritterz always answers my call and shows up on time and ready to work. I have had several cases of bed bug infestations and he was able to treat them with one treatment. Kreepy Kritterz always makes sure that he has the tenants full cooperation in following their very detailed and easy to understand preparation list. The tenants and my self at first were unsure about one time treatments until we saw the results. When Kreepy Kritterz came in to inspect the suites after two weeks, we found that all the bugs were gone and no longer were tenants experiencing bite marks. We call on Kreepy Kritterz Pest Control for all our pest related needs and continue to see amazing results.
-Site Manager
Micheal B
Dave stands behind his single treatment approach and indeed impressed us with the efficiency of his work! It has been a year without a sign of a bedbug. Being my first experience with these creepy critters, I had many questions to ask. Dave was patient with my anxiety and answered all my questions thoroughly. I would highly recommend Dave as an exterminator for being knowledgeable, efficient and reliable. Not to mention his affordable rates! Thank you Dave!
David Wilson
(306) 244-4105

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